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Rainer Orth, LCSW, CCH, BFRP; practicing Psychotherapy and Homeopathy

Psychotherapy and Homeopathy
Integrative Healing: Mind, Body and Soul

Welcome to my website: Psychotherapy and Homeopathy

I am a professional psychotherapist (LCSW), certified classical homeopath (CCH) and a registered Bach Flower practitioner (BFRP) based in New York City and in New Jersey. My practice offers the healing traditions of psychotherapy and homeopathic therapies in order to provide a comprehensive mind-body approach to wellness.


My guiding principles in doing psychotherapy include the holistic tenets of mind-body healing, which acknowledge not only the individual’s thoughts, feelings and behaviors but also his or her dreams, values, creative instincts and spiritual needs. I incorporate cognitive behavioral techniques, EMDR processing, mindfulness practices and relaxation exercises for anxiety, depression and trauma-related issues.

As a holistic system of medicine, homeopathy treats the whole person, addressing mental, emotional and physical complaints. What makes homeopathy so remarkable is that a well-chosen homeopathic remedy stimulates an individual's own innate healing abilities as a means to restore health and vitality. Similarly, Bach flower therapy is a branch of homeopathy that strives to achieve emotional balance and mental clarity using remedies primarily derived from the botanical kingdom.

Please note that homeopathy and Bach flower therapy services are strictly optional for those individuals who are receiving psychotherapy treatment. For those who are not seeking psychotherapy, I provide consultations for homeopathy and Bach flower therapy services as "stand alone" treatments that cover a wide range of physical and emotional concerns.

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